Cricket matches at the Bay Oval this season could pump $20 million of "fresh money" into the city.

Bay of Plenty Cricket chief executive Chris Rapson said the commercial value of having five one-day internationals - with two Black Caps matches against Sri Lanka, two against India and a White Ferns match against India - was huge.

While it was hard to quantify the value to the local economy he estimated it would be around $20 million.

But the televised global Black Caps ODIs were exposure ''you couldn't buy''.


''Last year the Under-19 World Cricket Cup was beamed into 1.2 billion homes so I'd imagine with Sri Lanka and the top Indian side, those numbers will actually go up.''

Bay Oval's capacity is also being expanded to fit more than 10,000 people in the grounds.

Tauranga Chamber of Commerce chief executive Stan Gregec said gaining the matches was a "fantastic validation" of the decision to invest in lights at Bay Oval.

"This means more people coming to Tauranga and more spending in the local economy. It's a massive win for Tauranga, and a huge boost for our international profile."

Retailers at the Mount were also rolling out the welcome mat, said Mount Mainstreet manager Ingrid Fleming.

''We feel very privileged to have these international games on our doorstep.

''Along with our current varied choice of restaurants and bar options, three more hospitality businesses are in the process of being built in the heart of Downtown The Mount, so there'll be plenty of choice for everyone.''

Downtown Tauranga's Sally Cooke said events had add-on value and created opportunities for people to enjoy the retail and hospitality offerings in the city centre.


''Everyone benefits.''

Sporting events like the cricket, national rugby sevens, surf, running and multisport events aligned well with the Bay lifestyle, Priority One chief executive Nigel Tutt said.

''The impact to the economy is significant and is more than just face value. These events give us the opportunity to showcase our great city to the world which helps us attract businesses relationships and talent.''

Tourism Bay of Plenty marketing manager Kath Low said last year the organisation worked closely with NZ Cricket for the arrival of international cricket teams and ''we will engage as much as we can''.

''It is in everyone's best interest that the teams, media and support crews are supplied with support and information to ensure a fantastic stay in the Bay.''

Tourism Bay of Plenty also worked closely with the major events team at the Tauranga City Council, and other local event promoters.

''Events are a powerful way to drive visitors to our region ... travelling teams bring many support crew, family and friends – all of whom require accommodation and food and beverages, and likely also enjoy our region's attractions, activities and retail offering during their stay.''

Tauranga City Council City Events manager Gareth Wallis said events played a key role in showcasing the city.

''Events also help develop vibrancy, and a sense of place and belonging within the community, contributing to the creation of genuine community pride. ''

Bay Oval International Cricket 2018-19
* Thursday, January 3
Black Caps v Sri Lanka 2pm
* Saturday, January 5
Black Caps v Sri Lanka 2 pm
* Saturday, January 26
Black Caps v India 3 pm
* Monday, January 28
Black Caps v India 3 pm
* Tuesday, January 29 2pm
White Ferns v India
* November 16-19
New Zealand A v India A
(4-day match)
* December 7, 9, 11
New Zealand A v India A
(50-over match)