It was one year ago the Ka Pai Kai Rotorua team prepared and delivered the very first lunch orders to Te Kura Kaupapa Maori o Hurungaterangi.

Chairwoman Jasmin Jackson said the team is proud now to look back at that first week of "blood sweat and tears".

Over the past year Ka Pai Kai Rotorua has gone from making 150 lunches a week to having eight schools on board, 25 volunteers, two paid staff and a kitchen pumping out as many as 800 lunches a week, Jackson said.

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Ka Pai Kai looks to double its deliveries


Board member Natalie Richards said the vision was to be in every school in Rotorua, "removing barriers to accessing good kai".

"We know that the kai we are providing has made a difference to attendance and behaviour of tamariki, and that's a huge achievement. We would love to see this in all schools".

Ka Pai Kai Rotorua Charitable Trust enlists support from local businesses and organisations to provide corporate sponsorship of schools, which in turn reduces the cost of the meals for tamariki.

Jackson said the team was incredibly grateful for the work put in by community volunteers and the kitchen team, who were making top quality, delicious meals.

"We look forward to reaching more children in the future."

Board Treasurer Aroha Dorset wanted to acknowledge the sponsors who had been with the team for the past year.

"We could not do what we do without your support".