It seems everybody likes a good moan.

It's one of those quirks of human nature — have a good grumble; get it off your chest. Likely as not, you'll feel better for it.

And it's fair to say that when it comes for something to moan about, the local council is often in the firing line.

It's a ready-made Aunt Sally, whether you are throwing coconuts over broken footpaths, building regulations or your rates bill.


Judging by the feedback we have had here at the Chronicle over the years, Whanganui District Council has had its share of critics.

So while it wasn't stunning news, it was pleasantly surprising to find last week that folk think the council is doing a good job — that's council staff and our elected representatives.

WDC's community views survey revealed greater public satisfaction with council over the past 12 months.

It also showed 90 per cent of us believe we are enjoying a pretty good quality of life here in the River City (no great shock there).

In fact, despite the impression that sometimes there's a lot to moan about, we seem to be quite a happy bunch.

So what's brought about this increase in satisfaction among the citizenry?

We can only hazard guesses — the squaring away of the wastewater treatment plant farrago; an economic upturn; a lift in population; a rise in property values which still leaves Whanganui real estate very affordable while giving homeowners more financial security; the promise of central government money for a couple of exciting projects ... ?

The reasons will be a combination of a number of things, but there is no doubt the survey reflects a growing mood of positivity in the city over the past few years.


On that note, I hope you have been enjoying our "good news" stories under the NZME UPBEAT branding. The response from readers so far has been ... well, upbeat.

So if you have some good news to share, please get in touch.