Kiwi golfer Michael Campbell's whinge at an airline charging him for excess baggage backfired badly when followers blasted him for expecting preferential treatment.

The retired former major winner was slapped with a $690 bill upon arrival in Wellington from Spain - for exceeding Jetstar's allowed baggage weight limit by a whopping 46kg.

Campbell, who claims the baggage included golf clubs and a suitcase "full of items for charity", took to social media to vent his frustration at the airline - and at followers who questioned the legitimacy of his complaint.

The Hawera-born 48-year-old pulled no punches - calling one critic an alcoholic.


Jetstar responded by pointing to their baggage allowance policy.

"Hey, I trust you can appreciate that we do need to implement our policies consistently so we can continue to offer our customers our all day, every day, low fares," the airline tweeted.

That further upset Campbell, with the multiple PGA and European Tour winner calling the airline unprofessional for not addressing him as "Mr Campbell".

Although some followers had sympathy with him, most were surprised at his meltdown - with a few telling Campbell to get over himself.

Campbell announced his retirement in 2015 - nearly a decade after his triumph at the US Open at Pinehurst No 2 in North Carolina in 2005.