China expert Professor Anne-Marie Brady says she is still being harassed after first speaking out on China's influence over political systems in the Pacific.

Brady said her mail is tampered with continually, has had banking material stolen and anonymous calls to her family's unlisted phone number.

This morning the University of Canterbury professor shared her expertise at a Justice Select Committee off the back of her 2017 paper "Magic Weapons".

"China under [President] Xi Jinping has changed," she said.


"Being a China specialist who understands the Chinese Communist Party and writes about the things I do, I am being targeted.

"This is not about me, this is about New Zealand's relationship with China and about our ability to protect our citizens."

In her submission, Brady said New Zealand had to address the issue of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) interference with our political system.

She said the biggest risk of the CCP is our compliance towards the so-called interference and our "she'll be right mate" attitude.

The professor also said New Zealand could learn about how other political parties around the world handle donations.

"Political parties scrutinise donations and they look for patterns, like 10 hairdressers giving $10,000 donations at the same time or same address," she said.

"They recognise some of those donations could be from an external power or from a source you wouldn't be comfortable with a political party getting it.

"They just don't take the money without question ... they actually do really throughout diligence in other countries."


Brady said she appreciated MP's inviting her to speak at the committee and felt they engaged with the issues she was bringing up.