Irish comedian Brendan O'Carroll is the creator of foul-mouthed Mammy Agnes Brown, star of the hugely successful television show that's been running since 2011.

If you're already a fan you know what to expect, an old-fashioned style of irreverent, physical comedy starring a good number of O'Carroll's family. If you're not a fan by now, don't expect to be converted by this rather flat feature-length outing.

The plot features a well-worn yarn about property developers (who happen to be sinister Russian thugs) trying to shut down and redevelop the Moore St market, where Mrs Brown has her fruit and vegie stall. Mrs Brown digs her feet in and refuses to be intimidated, although a large tax bill means she has to fight two battles to save her livelihood.

There are funny moments; I particularly enjoyed a gag about a bomb maker with Parkinson's. There's also bloopers within the film, as opposed to running in end credits as is popular these days. It's not a very professional move, but it sits nicely with Mrs Brown's habit of speaking directly to her audience, and if there's one thing O'Carroll does well it's encourage his audience to get in on the joke.


Overall though, this comedy spends too much time rehashing old jokes - do we need to see more men wearing Borat's thong swimsuits - and stretching gags for longer than they deserve. Those who love the television series (admittedly, a fair number) will likely enjoy more of the same, the rest of us will forever wonder what all the fuss is about.


Brendan O'Carroll, Jennifer Gibney, Eilish O'Carroll and Amanda Woods


Ben Kellett

Running Time:

95 mins





A flat, disappointing comedy.

- TimeOut