This is the fifth film in the animated Tinker Bell series, and like the earlier versions it involves a rescue mission, sparkles with pixie dust and fairy magic, and preaches endless messages about teamwork and friendship.

As familiar as this is, Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy is surprisingly entertaining and easy to watch. Mad Men's Christina Hendricks adds spunk to proceedings as Zarina, a "Dust Keeper Fairy" with ambitions to discover the secret of the precious Blue Pixie Dust. This is strictly forbidden, but Zarina isn't one to take orders and continues with scientific experiments until one goes wrong and she flees Pixie Hollow, returning briefly to steal the fairy's supply of Blue Pixie Dust.

The story is snappy and genuinely funny, with Zarina switching around the fairy powers of Tinks and her friends as they pursue her. It also introduces Captain Hook -- at this stage known as the Eton-educated James (Hiddleston) -- an ambitious pirate conspiring with Zarina to make their pirate ship fly.

Tinker Bell and The Pirate Fairy shimmers and shines and couldn't be prettier. It's bursting with old-fashioned girl power and although there's nothing new it will make fun excursion if you've got young girls on your hands these holidays.



Mae Whitman, Tom Hiddleston, Christina Hendricks


Peggy Holmes

Running Time:

78 mins





Little ladies will love it, and mums will cope just fine.

- TimeOut