The saying "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" sums up the premise of this chick flick about three women who discover they're sleeping with the same man,then team up to take him down.

This case of female revenge, though, is a little light on the fury.

Without it, The Other Woman is reduced to a mildly amusing distraction when, given the cast and crew, it should have been a hilarious feelgood rally for female empowerment.

One thing we can take out of this film is that smart, beautiful women get cheated on too.


Leslie Mann is Kate, the perfect Stepford wife who accidentally meets her husband's mistress, Carly, a high-powered lawyer (or at least a high-powered dresser) played by Cameron Diaz. They bond over being cheated on by the same guy and, while at first blindsided by the appearance of mistress number 2, the young and voluptuous Amber, played by Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, embrace her into the cheated sisterhood.

The job of convincing us he can juggle three women belongs to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. It's hardly challenging work for the Dane, given he's managed to survive to season four of Game of Thrones as Jaime Lannister. Good looks and charm are all that's required, and the ability to walk into glass doors for a laugh - yes, that old gag gets a good work-out.

Actually, this slapstick-filled comedy reheats many familiar gags, including those involving copious consumption of tequila and the use of laxatives. While Mann and Diaz manage to pull them off with the occasional laugh, Upton is way out of her depth. As is Nicki Minaj as Cameron's secretary who is simply unable to make her sassy lines and sexy booty come together and convince us to laugh. As far as chick flick escapism goes, director Nick Cassavetes delivers, but in a surprisingly dated, predictable and one-key manner. Given the cast involved, it's nothing short of a disappointment.

- TimeOut