Given the title That Awkward Moment in other countries, Are We Officially Dating? is a romantic comedy about the moment in a relationship when the woman asks: "Where is this going?"

It's a question better answered by films like Friends with Benefits, or the entire series of Sex and the City, but first-time director Tom Gormican gives it a shot by following three horny 20-something guys living in New York. This is really a bromance, although after a bucketful of swearing, coarse jokes and inane conversation about male virility, they start to realise there's a better alternative answer to "nowhere".

This pack is led by Jason (Efron), who with friends Mikey (Jordan) and Daniel (Teller), trawls New York's bars and clubs looking to pick up girls. They're dedicated to the cause and make a pact to remain single, even though they've each met women they'd like to date. Fortunately, for them and us, the women (including Imogen Poots and Mackenzie Davis) are smarter and more sophisticated than the men who won't admit they're dating them, which makes this comedy somewhat palatable.

Are We Officially Dating? is a strange mix of old-school male characters you may have met in a 90s bar, and saucy and irreverent humour sometimes pushed so hard it falls flat. The sprinkling of funny scenes and lines aren't quite enough to overcome the awkward moments, few of which have anything to do with women asking about commitment.





Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller


Tom Gormican

Running time:

110 mins





A crude, mildly amusing bromance for the boys this Valentine's Day

- TimeOut