Peru's fans won't be able to bring their cavalcade of noise and colour to Saturday's clash with the All Whites, due to a ban on musical instruments inside Westpac Stadium.

It's standard policy for the stadium, though there have been exceptions granted in the past, if requested by the venue hirer.

The Herald understands that NZF originally considered allowing certain types of instruments and drums into the game, but that was going to be restricted to the away fans section.

That's inside the 'White Noise' zone (Yellow Fever during Phoenix games), which is typically the most raucous area of the ground during a big All Whites match.


However, the 2,000 Peruvian fans who are descending on Wellington from all around the world for Saturday's match have purchased tickets all around the arena, which mean that they won't be concentrated in one bloc.

That meant enforcing a rule which restricted the instruments to just one area, which was seen as unworkable.

The problem was exacerbated by the addition of thousands of extra seating for the match, which will add to the tightly packed feeling.

Hence NZF have decided on a complete ban, which is seen as the only practical strategy.

It's left many visiting fans disappointed, as it is traditional to have trumpets, horns and drums at games in South America, though one of the main organisers of their armada of supporters was diplomatic about the situation.

"It's a shame, it's a real shame," said Wellington-based Yasmin Hende, who is helping to co-ordinate various Peru fan gatherings in the capital.

"I think it would have been great. But we respect their rules and that's fine. We will still make plenty of noise outside before the game."