Wayne Rooney's nightmare went from bad to worse after Twitter users relentlessly mocked his courtroom sketch.

The former England captain was up in court overnight where he admitted being almost three times the drink drive limit earlier this month.

Rooney, 31, was pulled over at the wheel of a Volkswagon Beetle on September 1 with a woman in the passenger seat while pregnant wife Coleen was on holiday with the couple's three sons.

Rooney apologised for his 'unforgivable lack of judgement' as he was banned from driving for two years and given 100 hours' community service.


But his ordeal did not end there.

An artist inside Stockport Magistrates Court drew the Everton star - but not very well.

And the drawing led to Rooney being the butt of jokes on the internet, with insults ranging from Popeye to Max from Eastenders.

Joshua Robinson said: 'The Wayne Rooney court sketch isn't Tom Brady-level, but I am excited to see him play a boxer-turned-bodyguard in a British gangster flick.'

Ted Jeory wrote: 'Is this court sketch of Wayne Rooney part of his punishment?'

Betting company Coral commented: 'Wayne Rooney's court sketch. He's been banned for driving for 2 years and I reckon this is still the worst thing to happen to him today.'

Oddsbible joked: 'This court sketch of Wayne Rooney has somehow managed to make him look even uglier than he already is.'

Rob Summerfield said: 'Wayne Rooney's court sketch. "I sentence you to looking like both Mitchell brothers at once."'

@MarkLennyskillz typed: 'The Wayne Rooney court sketch makes him look like the lovechild of Phil Mitchell and Judge Dredd.'

Marathon Bet said: '#MondayMotivation - At least you don't look like court-sketch Wayne Rooney...'

Alex Watt wrote: 'The court sketch artist appears to have confused Wayne Rooney with Popeye tbh.'

Rob Palmer commented: 'Was this courtroom sketch artist drawing Wayne Rooney or Max out of Eastenders?'

Daniel Clifford tweeted: 'I know Wayne Rooney says his behaviour was unforgivable but I think the court artist probably also needs to apologise.'

Rooney was stopped by police while driving 29-year-old party girl Laura Simpson home from a night out in her Volkswagen Beetle in Wilmslow, Cheshire, at 2am on September 1.
Rooney was stopped because Miss Simpson's car had a faulty brake light.

Rooney was almost three times the legal limit. His breath reading was 104mg per 100ml of blood. The legal limit is 35mg.

The Everton striker was handed a 24 month driving ban and given 100 hours' community service as part of a 12-month community order imposed at Stockport Magistrates' Court today.

Rooney was also told to pay £85 prosecution costs and a victim surcharge for the same amount.

In a statement issued after the plea he apologised for his 'unforgivable lack of judgment'. He appeared in court with his wedding ring on but there was no sign of his wife Coleen.
Rooney's lawyer told the judge the footballer had 'let his family down, very badly'.