Protesting vegans holding screens displaying heinous acts of animal cruelty have been filmed confronting bewildered restaurant-goers in a Perth suburb.

Dozens of animal rights activists from the group Direct Action Everywhere formed a long line as they took to the streets of Leederville on Friday evening and confronted diners with screens and placards.

Footage of the "walk-through" on Facebook shows the activists trying to confront people about animal slaughter as they walked out of restaurants, reported.

"Male calves are slaughtered as young as six weeks old simply because they don't produce milk," one female activist said.


"Chicks are blended alive in a macerator or gassed to death simply because they don't produce eggs.

"Animals don't want better lives, they want freedom. We have a choice the animals don't."

The same group targeted a Perth McDonald's restaurant in September, when they took a dead piglet in a basket into the fast food chain and placed it on the counter.

They left a dead piglet on the counter. Photo / Facebook
They left a dead piglet on the counter. Photo / Facebook

Other activists taking part in the protest duct taped their mouths and held signs saying "animals are not ours to use" while another vegan addressed customers with a megaphone.

The group was led by self-professed activist James Warden who said the activists planned to use the televisions to screen the vegan film Dominion.

"We've got some amazing activists out today," he says to the camera in a clip posted on the group's Facebook page. "It's important we all get out."

He said the group had done a "fair few" similar "walk-throughs" in the suburb of Northbridge.

The same animal rights group targeted a McDonald's restaurant in September. Photo / Facebook
The same animal rights group targeted a McDonald's restaurant in September. Photo / Facebook

"On the screens we'll be playing the Dominion documentary that highlights the inherent cruelty of the industry, speciesism. So that's all we're trying to project," Mr Warden told 9 News during the protest.


The protest comes just over a month after a national day of organised vegan activism that was touted as the "biggest animal rights protest the world has ever seen".

As part of that wave of activism, Melbourne's busiest intersection was blocked off by vegans conducting a "peaceful" peak-hour protest.

Activists up and down the country made headlines by "occupying" abattoirs and demanding animals be handed over.

In Sydney, about a dozen people dressed in black walked from Hyde Park to Martin Place as part of the co-ordinated national protest. The small group was escorted by police on their march.

Protest spokesman Isy Veira said the group is calling on state and federal agriculture ministers to listen to several demands, including adding animal cruelty documentary Dominion to the school curriculum for kids over 15.

"I think that protest and direct action and animal rights activism will continue until the demands in the statement are met," she told AAP

"They aren't unreasonable demands, we're just asking for transparency and compassion."