It's no secret Kiwi's love their hot cross buns, consuming around 12.5 million of the spicy morsels every year from Countdown supermarkets alone.

As a nation, we also aren't shy when it comes to our love of ice cream, with each person on average scooping up 22-23 litres per year.

So what happens when these two beloved Kiwi classics come together? The Herald got a taste of the brand new Countdown hot cross bun ice cream to find out.

Calling in seasoned taste tester, but avid hater of raisins, Storme Hitaua, and hot cross bun sceptic George Fenwick, we found out whether or not Kiwis were ready for this cool Easter shake-up.


Here's the verdict:

Will the new creation live up to the hype? Photo / Supplied
Will the new creation live up to the hype? Photo / Supplied

After both confessing they weren't too sure about this new ice cream creation because of their joint dislike for traditional hot cross buns, Storme and George were left baffled by the spicy new creation - because they both loved it.

George put his dislike of hot cross buns down to not enjoying the bread and raisin combo, but he felt the ice cream instead mixed the delicious spices of the bun with a new creamy counterpart - something which he thought made the concoction "delicious".

Storme was also a fan, but noted that he felt it didn't taste like a traditional hot cross bun in his opinion, but thought they "nailed the cinnamon taste".

Both Storme and George decided that the best way to explain the taste was to compare it to that of a chai tea or a chai latte.

But did the new creation go as far as to replace the traditional Easter hot cross bun?

No, both Storme and George felt that it didn't need to. Despite their initial reluctance, the ice cream melted their icy hearts with both agreeing it was a great stand-alone dessert option for parents, one that would be best enjoyed once the kids had gone to bed.

• Where can you get yours? The limited edition hot cross bun flavoured ice cream can be purchased at Countdown for $7.50 for a one litre tub.