Harrison Bell has claimed a new Ahipara Gamefishing Club record after reeling in a massive kingfish weighing in at 43.5 kilograms last Thursday.

Bell reeled in the giant kingy whilst jigging on a 37kg line out at the Three Kings Islands on board the family vessel, Nick of Time. He was supported by skipper Leighton Matthews and crew Corey Petera and Matthew Masters.

Matthews noted the catch was even more remarkable considering it was the first time jigging for Bell, more noted as a spear fisherman. The crew had to assist by placing the beast in Bell's arms for the photograph moments after the event.

Bell said he "absolutely loved" the remoteness of the location, and he intended to have the kingfish mounted.


His fish has slammed the existing AGC record of 40kg held by Matthew Masters by a good 3kg, making him a frontrunner in the Crombie Lockwood Kingfish Classic (the AGC's monthly club competition), and is also the heaviest kingfish caught in New Zealand so far this season.