One thing's for sure, being Victoria Beckham isn't easy, running a fashion empire and juggling four kids keeps her jetting from A-Z constantly.

To best stay on top of her game, she credits her gruelling two-hour exercise routine that she completes every single day.

If you remember the photo she posted to Instagram posing in pumps on a treadmill a couple years ago, you might've thought she doesn't take working out very seriously. But according to a recent interview with the designer, you would be wrong.

She shared with The Guardian the details of the gruesome routine she religiously dedicates a portion of her day to.

In 2017 the fashion icon posted a photo posing on a treadmill in high heels. Photo / Instagram
In 2017 the fashion icon posted a photo posing on a treadmill in high heels. Photo / Instagram

Between 5:30am and 6am she gets up and makes her way directly to the treadmill, then embarks on a 7km run with, "a mix of uphill fast walking, jogging, running".

She also uses the quiet time to catch up: "That's the only time I watch TV – box sets, documentaries – so I look forward to that. It takes 45 minutes".

The run is just phase one, what comes next is guided by a personal trainer and is a mix of leg, arm and core exercises.

"30-minutes legs, 30-minutes arms, toning and conditioning, then loads of planks and that kind of thing for my core," Beckham shared with The Guardian.

"I expect a lot from my body – I'm 44, I've got four kids, I work a lot, I travel. For me to do all that, I have to eat healthily and work out."

Behold, if you thought her kids might sometimes mean she'd have to sacrifice some of her routine, that's certainly not the case.

"At the weekend I will do the whole thing straight through, but in the week I often jump in the car halfway through to take the kids to school, then carry on when I get home," she revealed. "I work out every day when I'm at home, and then when I travel I really focus on work so I can get as much done as possible in a short trip and get home."

When it comes to eating, the designer says she genuinely enjoys eating foods which are nutrient-rich. Apple cider vinegar is a morning staple, topped off with one of three: a green smoothie, a bowl of homemade cereal, or scrambled eggs accompanied with smoked salmon.

On top of this, the former Spice Girl is a big fan of vegetables and broccoli, beans and peas are among her favourites and she likes to pair them with a lean fillet of fish; preferably salmon.

She's previously shared with Vogue UK that no milk and no cheese are two of her chosen rules for living.

However extreme the regime may seem, Beckham says she finds it "empowering", and she does it for the mental health benefits, as opposed to aesthetic motivations.

"It's how it makes you feel. It really gets me ready for the day," Victoria said. "It clears my mind. It's also where I have lots of ideas. It's a time when I'm not on the phone, I'm not with the children, I'm not with David; I can literally just be left alone."