She's a proud mother-of-four who loves to show off her children on social media, and it's evident from her Instagram snaps that Victoria Beckham enjoys an especially close bond with her eldest son Brooklyn, 19,

The fashion designer, 44, regularly posts snaps where she's cuddling up to her first-born who seems to have no issue with his mother's displays of affections or attending events together as her "date".

And now body language expert Judi James has claimed that Victoria relies on "clingy rituals" she often used in the past with David to prove how happy her family is - as well as maintaining a close tie with her eldest as he grows up and spreads his wings.

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"Victoria's body language poses with her entire family always tend to imply that she sees herself very emphatically in the role of the tie that binds," Judi told the Daily Mail.

Night in with the boys x Kisses @brooklynbeckham @cruzbeckham XVB

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Giving her reading of Victoria's social media posts, she said: "Her rather clingy rituals with David have always placed her lower in status as she flatters him with her attention and romantic-looking approaches but they also show her as the one who quietly, resiliently and firmly keeps the love-sharing alive.

"Now that eldest son Brooklyn is presumably getting to the age where he is about to lead his own life Victoria's clingy-looking rituals do seem to be focusing on him too."

In most of her snaps with Brooklyn, Victoria is careful to pose in such a way that lets him be the dominant one while she takes a back seat, according to Judi.

"She appears to looks happy to lower her own status in their poses to present her son to the world in a way that makes her appear bursting with pride," Judi said.

"He often stands at the front of the pose looking casual and very grown-up while she lurks behind him using the same neck-touch that she used on David when they appeared together at any events where he was in the starring role, inclining her head onto his shoulder to register strong maternal bonds."

While many teenage boys might find such attentions embarrassing, aspiring photographer Brooklyn seems to have no problem with it.

"Fortunately for Victoria, none of her children seem so far to have struggled through that age when tactile behaviour from your parents is seen as a bit soppy and embarrassing, or if they do they manage to avoid showing it," Judi commented.

So happy to be in NYC x Kisses x

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"Brooklyn looks as happy as his mum with the posing and he even reciprocates in one shot by putting a dominant arm around Victoria's neck.

"As mum and son poses go then, theirs do present an ideal of fondness, closeness and maternal pride, with Victoria's rituals possibly implying a very common suppressed fear of letting her son go of out into the world alone."

Indeed, it's been reported that Victoria was only too delighted when her son returned home from New York in July, after quitting his four-year photography course at the world-renowned Parsons School of Design after 10 months.

The son of soccer legend David and former Spice Girl Victoria was reportedly homesick and missing his family in the U.K.

Brooklyn, the eldest of David and Victoria's four children, has deferred the course for an internship with a respected British photographer, whose name remains a secret.

Sources said his Spice Girl mum was delighted to have her boy back – telling friends she "absolutely hated" being separated from him.

"Victoria is absolutely delighted at the news and couldn't contain herself when it was all coming to plan – to have Brooklyn back under the same roof is a dream come true for her," they said.