An actress in Taiwan has been criticised after dressing her toddler daughter as an underwear model for Halloween.

Terri Kwan, 41, posted pictures and a video of the two-year-old girl wearing white lingerie and a pair of Victoria's Secret-style feathered wings on social media on October 30.

Many people condemned the actress for sexualising her child as they called the pictures "disturbing" and "sickening". However, others claimed it was just a Halloween costume and the public should be more tolerant.

The photos and the film clip were shared by Ms Kwan, who has a daughter and a son, on her Instagram account, which has 346,000 followers.


She also put them up on her Weibo account, a Twitter-like social media platform in China.
In her post on Weibo, which has nearly 240,000 followers, Ms Kwan wrote alongside the pictures and asked if anybody had seen such an "alluring" and "good-looking" model.

Ms Kwan took the pictures as she prepared her daughter for the Halloween party held by the child's nursery, according to Taiwan's TVBS News.

Some have expressed outrage at the images while others argue it's just a Halloween costume. Photo / Weibo
Some have expressed outrage at the images while others argue it's just a Halloween costume. Photo / Weibo

Apparently, many Instagram users have been infuriated by the pictures. They blasted Ms Kwan for styling her young daughter in such an 'inappropriate' way and demanded her take down the pictures.

However, users on Weibo seemed to be more tolerant. While some said Ms Kwan's move would put her daughter at risk of being targeted by people with ill intentions, others argued that the costume was just for fun and shouldn't be taken so seriously.

The lingerie appeared to be one of several Halloween costumes Ms Kwan had prepared for her daughter. The girl was also dressed as a mermaid, hula dancer, imperial Chinese princess, wedding flower girl and nurse, among others.

During an interview with Apple Daily on October 30, Ms Kwan said she was a big fan of Halloween and had been dressing her daughter since she was born.

Ms Kwan said: "I fear when she grows up, [she] wouldn't let me dress her like this."

She also told Apple Daily that some of the costumes had been prepared by her stylists while others had been bought by her online.

It's not the first time pictures of little girls dressed as skimpy underwear models have caused controversy in east Asia this year.

In August, a shopping mall in China's Chengdu city came under fire after staging a fake Victoria's Secret lingerie show with child models.

Young girls could be seen dressed in two-piece lingerie along with decorations such as feathers and gems and most of them were given a massive headpiece.

Web users accused the show's organiser of sexualising underage girls.