Do you remember your first cellphone? Like a rite of passage, being gifted with your own mobile felt like you were finally becoming an adult.

It's likely your first phone was from the pre -selfie and -social media era, and while it may seem like a calculator compared to today's smartphones, you could still get some pretty cool features on those early bricks.

From the personalised Destiny's Child ring tone that you paid $4.99 for - so you really had to commit - to the snazzy clip on covers and grainy photos, your phone was your first personal hub for all things cool.

Feeling nostalgic yet? Well, you're in luck.


The classic brick, the Nokia 3310, has been re-released.

HMD Global have given our old friend a bit of a face lift, and a few more features, but the heart of the device is still there (read: you can still play Snake on it).

To celebrate the relaunch we have rounded up the five best phones from the 90s and noughties for you to enjoy.


This colourful number was a popular choice for a first phone and it's robust exterior could withstand many a fall out of your skate pants pocket.

However, the knobbly keys were prone to getting covered in your mum's makeup, and eventually always ended up with a beige tinge.

The design was rad, the buttons were jelly and the device looked like a new-fangled walkie talkie. The Alcatel One Touch Easy had all the ingredients for a cool cell phone in the noughties.


The Motorola Razr was the ultimate phone for the noughtie's "cool girl".

It was sleek in design, had a colour screen and slipped surreptitiously in to your school uniform pocket - which made it perfect for under-the-desk texting.

The Razr was best used for messaging your gal pals to co-ordinate your outfits for the weekend shopping trip to Supre. Because if your outfits didn't match, were you really even friends?



This phone was the business. A sophisticated choice, the Samsung E250 was the height of phone gadgetry with it's sliding screen.

Yes, the buttons were still a bit clunky, but that didn't matter because you looked super cool sliding your phone open to send extremely important text messages - usually a carefully curated combo of upper and lower case letters - yA KnOw WaT i MeAn?

LG C2000

Shut the flip phone! This snazzy device gets full credit for sparking the birth of the selfie with the positioning of its jazzy little camera.

Before the reverse camera, you and your pals would gather round a mirror, pull your best duck face - simply known as a pout back then - and upload the pics to your Bebo account.

Here it was important not to crop anyone out, otherwise you'd see yourself cut from their Bebo top 16.

NOKIA 3310

In the noughties, one phone reigned supreme: the Nokia 3310.

It was impossible to break, easy to use, and it had a battery that just did not stop. In fact it may or may not still be running.

The 3310 was basic, but super loyal and could teach the iPhone a thing or two.

Like an old friend, we are happy to welcome you back, Nokia 3310.