Some of this year's Married At First Sight contestants are clinging onto their 15 minutes of fame and charging fans for video messages.

Mike Gunnner, Mick Gould and Ning Surasiang have joined Cameo, "a platform where fans can book personalised video shoutouts from their favourite celebrities, athletes, or influencer".

So how much are the MAFS stars charging?

A video message from Mick Gould will set you back $15, whereas Ning Surasiang and Mike Gunner are charging $20 each.


They're not the only MAFS stars on Cameo, with former contestants Telverne Williams ($10), Troy Delmege ($11), Sean Thomsen ($20) and Dean Wells ($25) also available for hire.

If you're more of a Bachelor fan, you can get a personalised video from Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins for $99.

The most expensive star to book a video message from on Cameo is Andy Lassner, the producer of The Ellen Show. He'll set you back $5000.

Other celebs on the site include Caitlyn Jenner ($2500), Snoop Dogg ($500), Charlie Sheen ($350), Stormy Daniels ($250) and Redfoo ($99).

Signing up to Cameo is the latest attempt by former MAFS stars to milk their remaining fame for a bit of coin.

Dan Webb, Jessika Power and Ines Basic are some of this year's contestants who have been doing paid nightclub appearances and sponsored posts since the show ended.

Despite starring on this year's highest-rated show, the MAFS stars weren't paid a fortune for appearing on the program.

Former contestant Telv Williams told KIIS FM, "You get paid $150 a day, tax free".


"It's sh*t, it's rubbish. Everything is off your own f***ing back," he told Kyle and Jackie O.

He added Channel 9 didn't cover any of the personal costs they incurred for appearing on TV, saying, "You gotta do all your own hair and make-up, you gotta do your own dress, buy your own clothes."

Martha Kalifatidis made headlines earlier this year when she revealed she had been unable to return to work due to the number of threats she'd received from disgruntled viewers.

The make-up artist told KIIS FM: "I don't want to be just turning up to people's houses. I don't feel safe at the moment, I really don't. I don't know who I can trust.

"I did ask to go back to my old job, which was at a retailer, but it was too much of a liability for them."