She might be one of reality TV's most memorable contestants but it looks like Jessika Power has some regrets over her behaviour on Married At First Sight.

During her time on MAFS Jessika courted controversy over her treatment of "husband" Mick Gould and her subsequent affair with Dan Webb, who she split from just days after the finale aired.

Responding to an Instagram follower on Friday who asked her whether she thought she was "kind to others" on MAFS, Jessika had a surprising response, reports

"No I wasn't. I was a horrible nasty brat. However that was filmed six months ago almost and I have learnt A LOT about myself since then," Jessika wrote.


"It's a very strange situation to be in also — you wouldn't never know until you live through it."

Jessika's time on MAFS came to a spectacular end when she and Dan ended up bickering their way through a live post-finale interview on Talking Married.

Daniel Webb and Jessika Power broke up soon after the show's finale aired. Photo / Supplied
Daniel Webb and Jessika Power broke up soon after the show's finale aired. Photo / Supplied

In footage that has since gone viral, Dan said he asked Jess to confirm whether she and Nic Jovanovic had ever hooked up — and all hell broke loose.

Dan conceded that Jessika's denial that she propositioned Nic during the experiment was a source of ongoing tension between them.

"Why couldn't she be honest about it?" he said to Talking Married's Ben Fordham.

"It's the thing that unsettles me the most. It feels like she goes down with the lie … dies with the lie.

"It raises huge trust issues for me and that's what we've been struggling with over the last few months in our relationship."

Speaking about their breakup in a video published by Yahoo, Dan didn't hold back, saying the pair were finished for good and he had feelings of "regret about ever meeting Jess".

Dan explained the couple's relationship had come under strain after watching the reunion commitment ceremony episode in which Jess was exposed for propositioning fellow MAFS star Nic.

The footage showed Jess telling Nic she was "sexually attracted" to him, before he rejected her advances, and she made her first move on Dan moments later.

Dan said the pair had "trust issues" throughout their relationship and reliving the reunion had reminded him "why I broke up with her at the start".