Success breeds ...

A young British entrepreneur has started a business with nothing but hard work and enough money from his parents to buy a Ferrari. Plucky Tom Logan has started making "organic flip-flops" in a specially built workshop in the grounds of his parents' weekend home in the Cotswolds. Logan, who has yet to make a sale, said: "When I came into this shed I had nothing more than the Comme de Garcons shirt on my back. I'm an example of what you can do if you have unreasonable confidence in yourself and been given everything you wanted. I truly believe this business will work. If it doesn't, I'll think of some other nonsense or steal an idea off someone else." Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: "This is what modern Britain needs — young people putting their parents' tax-free cash from offshore accounts towards harebrained ideas, and doing it all again when it inevitably goes wrong." (Source: The Daily Mash)

Mondegreen confessions

1. Singing our national anthem, my daughter (when a preschooler) had God protecting us from the sharks of stripe and more. I'm with her on that.

2. Troy Butler writes: "In the Peter Gabriel song, Shock the Monkey, there's a line that goes "(monkey) too much at stake" For the longest time, my wife was convinced Gabriel was singing "(monkey) too much lipstick".

Airline face-off

An airline has been accused of sexism for featuring an illustration of a woman in a "spray-on" dress in its in-flight safety information. Laura Watkin, from Derbyshire, bemoaned the safety cards of Hungarian-owned Wizz Air by tweeting: "Really Wizz Air?! Surely the bare legs would result in serious chafing on the emergency slide?' Norwegian Air makes female flight attendants wear high heels unless they have a doctor's note, as well as foundation, moisturiser and eye make-up. But British airline Virgin Atlantic got rid of its rules which forced all female cabin crew to wear make-up last year.


Beware broccoli meat

When marketing meets unnecessary information.
When marketing meets unnecessary information.

Video Pick

Shakespearean arrest…

This bloke was a notorious 'dine n dasher' in Sydney. He would go to the best restaurants and order extravagant meals then sneak out the toilet windows. He racked up$30,000 of unpaid meals.

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