Hero worship

Journalist Michael Segalov asked his Twitter followers for the most surreal encounter they've had with someone famous. These were the best replies ...
1. One Sunday morning, when I was 14, my mum woke me up saying, "GET UP, JOANNA LUMLEY IS HERE!!!" My dad was her taxi driver and on the way to the airport he stopped at our house to show her the view.
2. Met Martin Clunes in a petrol garage on a lunch break from school. Got him to sign my teacher/parent contact book to say I'd done all my homework for the week. He thought it was brilliant.
3. Meeting Gonzo from The Muppets. I shook his hand. He told me I was very realistic.

New flavour

My daughter was a bit concerned about this new flavour from Jimbo's. Photo / Supplied
My daughter was a bit concerned about this new flavour from Jimbo's. Photo / Supplied

Hebee jebees

In a medical case that doctors have called a "world's first", a Taiwanese woman was found to have four live sweat bees living in her eye, feeding on her tears. The patient was reportedly tidying up a relative's grave at the cemetery by pulling out weeds when a gust of wind blew what she though was sand and dirt into her eye.

She cleaned her eyes with water, but a few hours later she started feeling a sharp pain in her left eye and started constantly tearing up. The woman was taken to Fooyin University Hospital where ophthalmologists were shocked to find four live sweat bees feeding on her eye like it was a salt lick. (Via Oddity Central)

Design fail

Mondegreen song lyrics

A reader writes: "All the Single-ets, All the Single-ets, All the Single-ets, All the Single-ets ... put your hand up ... Sung by my son as a child — we still sing it that way, he's 24 now."


Video Pick

Do you remember Kia-Ora? It was the drink bought from the cinema usher, off a tray during the movie's interval. Came in a small corrugated plastic cup with a foil lid and a straw…

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