A reader writes: "I've got this from an old clear-out of a building and thought it might be nice to give it to one of the descendants of the soldiers listed here instead of selling. It's a wooden plaque and stands about knee-high or a bit over." Contact Sideswipe for more details.

Peta's really milking definition of animal abuse

It's hard to take Peta — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals — seriously these days. Long gone are the days of flinging red paint at fur-loving celebrities, now it's all about social media extremism. Who can forget when Peta said we must remove "speciesism" from our daily conversations, suggesting "kill two birds with one stone" be replaced with "feed two birds with one scone". Their latest effort is sharing an illustration of a cow with human breasts and a pink slip suckling a middle-aged man. "It's what you're doing if you drink cow's milk. Raise your hand if you know that humans shouldn't be drinking cow's breast milk. It was made for their babies — not you!"

Annoying tongue twisters

A reader writes: "I recently asked my prospective daughter-in-law, an Aussie, how she pronounced broccoli. She said 'broccol-eye' and I said what about calamar-eye and spaghett-eye. I also remember Rob Muldoon's bad pronunciation of "basic" but the one that really rankles is TV reporters reporting on cervical cancer inquiry saying 'cerviacle'."


Peek-a-boo! A curious dog finds a way through a hedge to keep an eye on the neighbours.
Peek-a-boo! A curious dog finds a way through a hedge to keep an eye on the neighbours.

Doing the light fantastic in Far North

"Around 9.30pm last Wednesday we approached road works on a dark road between Kerikeri and Kaitaia," writes Helen Yuretich. "The stop-go operator waved us through with two green "light sabres" and gave us a spontaneous and magnificent light show. We loved it. Hope you didn't have to work all night."


Video Pick

The dog keeps getting out..I know I'll build a fence…

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