Lads' epic challenge: no glamping allowed

Two university mates from the UK who wanted to do something epic decided to spend three weeks in a Malaysian jungle, naked and without food. Daniel Olifi, 26, a financial tech worker, and James Moynihan, 27, a cruise ship entertainer, wanted to see if they could survive in a harsh jungle with only minimal supplies, no food and in their birthday suits.

Their plan was to spend three weeks camping in the Kuantan rainforest in Malaysia, but the challenge quickly proved much harder than they had anticipated. Within hours of setting up camp they almost ran out of water and while they eventually overcame that problem, they still had to endure swarms of mosquitoes, hypothermia and severe hunger.

They eventually had to call it quits after 16 days, after Daniel cut his hand with a machete and his wound started smelling like rotten flesh. (Via Oddity Central)

First there was peekaboo dog, but today Anne sent in Intimidating Cat,
First there was peekaboo dog, but today Anne sent in Intimidating Cat, "who stared us down as we arrived at our holiday apartment. Didn't make us feel very welcome." Photo / Supplied

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