Pardon me?

What was the most ridiculous name you've come across in real life?


Holidaying in the Scottish Highlands a few years ago, my uncle was treated by an elderly doctor called Donald Duck. He was about 5 years older than Disney's creation, and had lived with it all his life.



A guy once gave me his card. I didn't look at it and was about to throw it away when I noticed his name was Vanderson Anderson. I hung it on the wall by my desk, where it remains to this day.


A woman checked into the hotel I worked at and her name was Kimothy. Like her mother was confused what Kim was short for and panicked.


I was once sitting in a hospital waiting area and the receptionist called out for Jan Sandwich.


Mum went to school with Winsome Chicken.



I placed in a poetry competition in middle school and the woman who ran the competition was named Pegasus Buchanan.


I knew a guy called Hugh Cumber.


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"Spotted on the roof of a shed out the back of a restaurant in Newmarket. Fish fillets out all night. A seagull arrived, pulled a few fillets down, but didn't like the taste. Salted, is my guess."

Crossing the ti?

Len writes: "Can't help noticing more and more firewood sellers and others are calling mānuka 'ti tree'. It's actually 'tea-tree', so-called because early settlers attempted to make tea with it, or so the story goes. The Māori name is mānuka, of course, and I believe 'tī' in Māori refers to the cabbage tree. Unless, of course, they really are selling cabbage trees for firewood, in which case they'd be right."