Condolence shot down

Literally hours after fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld had passed away in Paris, PETA's president Ingrid Newkirk tweeted this: "Karl Lagerfeld has gone, and his passing marks the end of an era when fur and exotic skins were seen as covetable. PETA sends condolences to our old nemesis's loved ones."

One Twitter response described it as petty and grudging another said: "Your organisation is entitled to your own opinion on wearing furs. Your cruel condolence to Karl Lagerfeld was better left unsaid. Do you want to diss John the Baptist's camel loincloth as well?"

Makers milk spilled pies

News broke about the truck carrying hundreds of trays of Big Ben pies, which lost its load when it rounded a corner into Manukau Station Rd and the piemakers responded, turning the event into an opportunity ...

"It's a sad day for us at Big Ben pies. We've lost 4000 of our most delicious pies as they occupied Manukau Station Rd this morning. Please go out and buy a Big Ben pie for lunch in remembrance of the 4000 lost today. Rest assured we'll look after all the sausage rolls. R.I.PIE. *We know a pile o' pies is irresistible, but if you have picked up a pie from the crash-site this morning, please don't consume for food and safety reasons. Our warmest apologies, sorry for the mince up*."


Nobody puts hammer in the corner

Offices leave women out in cold

"The formula to determine standard office temperature was developed in the 1960s around the metabolic resting rate of the average man," declares a story in The Guardian.

"But a recent Dutch study found that the metabolic rate of young adult females performing light office work is significantly lower than the standard values for men doing the same activity. In fact, the formula may overestimate female metabolic rate by as much as 35 per cent, meaning that current offices are on average five degrees too cold for women.

This leads to the odd sight of female office workers wrapped in blankets in the summer, while their male colleagues wander around in shorts." (Extract from Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez)