Aziz Ansari says his sexual misconduct allegation was humiliating - but says he's trying to learn.

But at his New York stand-up show, attended by a crowd of around 200 people, Ansari said he hoped he's become better since the incident.

It was the comedian and actor's first public discussion of the issue since a written statement in the immediate aftermath of a story in January 2018 on the website in which an unidentified accuser wrote that Ansari acted improperly on a date.

Vulture reports that Ansari told a crowd of about 200 at the Village Underground that it was a "terrifying" topic that made him feel "upset and humiliated and embarrassed".


Ultimately, he said he "just felt terrible this person felt this way".

Ansari says he has thought a lot about the issue in the past year and hopes "I've become a better person."

- AP