Chris Pratt took time this week to sit down with Stephen Colbert and talk about his faith and his church.

The 39-year-old spoke about how his relationship with God helped balance his celebrity.

"There's this great quote, that I actually heard in church, and it felt really appropriate, which was, 'If the spotlight that's shining on you is brighter than the light that comes from within you, it'll kill you.' And you see it all the time," he explained. "People in our position, people that are actors — you see it a lot. It's a real bright spotlight."

He also revealed his bible-inspired diet, known as the "Daniel Fast", after the Book of Daniel.


"I did it through my church," he said. "It's based on Daniel … he was a guy, who … only ate fruits and vegetables and grains … I was inspired by my pastor, we do it, it's kind of like our Lent, you know, give something up. And so, for 21 days I had no meat, no sugar, no alcohol, and it was actually amazing, it was really cool!"

Pratt attends Los Angeles' Zoe Church, which is based off Hillsong.

Its pastor has called the church "a gay welcoming church but we are not a church that affirms a gay lifestyle."

Page, 31, who came out five years ago and married Canadian dancer Emma Portner last year, says she would be much more interested if Pratt spoke about his church's views on LGBTQ issues.

Ellen Page. Photo / Getty Images
Ellen Page. Photo / Getty Images