The Hits host Sam Wallace and his beautiful partner Sarah Bowman welcomed their first son Brando late last year, but it wasn't quite the birthing experience they had planned.

Sam and his Hits co-host Toni Street returned to air for the first time today, and he took the opportunity to detail what went down.

He explained the complications Sarah suffered during the "long, long birth" including needing an epidural 18 hours in and enduring twenty hours of contractions.

But despite Sarah doing all the hard work, it turns out it took its toll on Sam too.


He went into gory detail about the birth - including the "smell of flesh" - and between that, watching his partner in distress, and a lack of food and sleep...well, it didn't end well.

"I stand up and all I see is a blue fuzz … I do a zombie walk with my hands out in front of me and then the nurse knows exactly what's happening and catches me and lowers me to the ground grabs my phone and takes a photograph," Sam laughed.

"I was out. I was on the ground having a barley sugar and a glass of water and it took be a couple minutes."

Wow, Sam! Sounds like the labour was hard on all three of you! We are glad everyone is happy and healthy now.

Watch the full intense delivery chat above!