The Grand Tour (Amazon Prime)

The Grand Tour is back with its third and final season before its hosts call it a day - well, kind of. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are said to be hanging up their television hats after 17 years hosting The Grand Tour and hit series Top Gear before it. After this, they'll still deliver a handful of big-budget specials for Amazon but this is the last of the trio as you know them. As such, season three promises more chaos, drama, laughs and action than ever before. The first episode is on Amazon now, with new episodes available on Fridays.

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20 Years On Death Row (TVNZ On Demand)

If you love true crime, this one is definitely for you. This documentary follows the insane case of Keith Doolin, who was sentenced to death in 1996 for two murders and four attempted murders. But with a corrupt lawyer, a dodgy investigation and a key witness who was later convicted of murder, did he get a fair trial? New evidence has come to light that could set Keith free, but he's already spent 20 years on death row and time is running out. Can he and his team get the evidence they need to save his life? Find out next Friday.

20 Years on Death Row: Keith Doolin with his mum Donna. Photo / TVNZ
20 Years on Death Row: Keith Doolin with his mum Donna. Photo / TVNZ

I am the Night (Neon)

Inspired by true events, I Am The Night tells the story of Fauna Hodel, a teenage girl who is given away at birth and is relatively happy not knowing about her past. That is, until she makes a discovery one day that leads her to dig deeper and follow a path ultimately leading to a Los Angeles gynaecologist involved in the legendary Black Dahlia slaying. It stars Chris Pine and India Eisley and is directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman, Monster) and is available express weekly from Tuesday.

Black Earth Rising (Netflix)

Black Earth Rising garnered much critical acclaim overseas last year, as in it, Hugo Blick tackles the genocide that saw up to a million Rwandans killed in just 100 days in 1994. It follows the story of Kate Ashby who was adopted by a human rights attorney after the Rwandan genocide. As an adult, Kate is forced to confront her past when she starts taking on war crimes cases. The twists and turns she encounters are said to be gut-wrenching. Check it out from tomorrow.