Actor Steve Buscemi's wife of more than 30 years, Jo Andres, has died at 65.

The filmmaker, choreographer and artist died earlier this month in New York City, her cause of death is unknown.

She was surrounded by friends and family.

The couple have been married since 1987 and have a son together, 29-year-old Lucian.


It's understood the funeral has already been held.

Andres was a huge success in her own right. finding fame in the art and film world. She was best known for her 1996 film Black Kites — which Lucian starred in.

The film is about the survival of an artist during the siege of Sarajevo.

She was also known for her experimental performance art.

Actor James Woods shared his condolences on Twitter:

"Condolences to Steve Buscemi and loved ones on his loss. This fine family was so supportive of first responders during 9/11 tragedy," he wrote.

It's understood Andres had a crush on Buscemi when she was a teenager, but she didn't recognise him when they first met.

The Boardwalk Empire star said when they had finally crossed paths, it took a bit for things to 'click'.


"When we met, she didn't realise I was the guy on the poster. When we got to my apartment, she saw the same poster and said, 'That's you!'" he has said previously.

The couple had not been seen on the red carpet together since mid 2018.