Andy Samberg has revealed some of the jokes that didn't make the cut for the opening monologue at the Golden Globes.

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star co-hosted the awards show earlier this week with Killing Eve's Sandra Oh.

The pair played it safe during their opening speech which was filled with inoffensive gags.

During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers today, Samberg said, "There are a lot of jokes that we really loved and we didn't get to cover."


So the comedian read out some of his favourites that he didn't get to deliver on the night.

Here are the best of the 18 jokes he read out on Late Night.

• "Crazy Rich Asians is up for two awards and crazy rich white people are up for the remaining 200."

• "Roma (which is a Netflix film) was nominated for Best Director and Best Foreign Film. Guys, do yourself a favour and go out and watch this one on the biggest phone you can find."

• "Roma is such an emotional experience. When it was over I literally sat there and cried for a full five seconds before Netflix started blasting a new movie where Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus."

• "BlacKkKlansman was nominated and, judging by the upper and lower case lettering in the title, is also a Wi-Fi password.

• "The Americans is nominated tonight for Best Drama, Lead Actor, Lead Actress and Most People Getting Boned In Front Of Portraits Of Ronald Reagan."

• "Pose is nominated for Best Television Series from creator Ryan Murphy. So if you love drama (and) you love Ryan Murphy shows, you have 37 different options."

• "Netflix beat out Amazon tonight as the most nominated streaming service, while the best streaming scene was Bradley Cooper wetting himself in A Star Is Born."