Charlize Theron isn't leaving the United States over racism concerns. But the white South Africa-born actress, who has adopted a black daughter and son, says: "I am constantly concerned about the safety of my kids. I don't know a parent who's not."

Theron, 42, was quoted in Elle magazine last week saying that she wouldn't travel to parts of the US with her family because of worries over racism, and that she had thought about leaving the country to keep her children safe.

The actress and producer told The Associated Press her comments were "taken to the extreme" in reports.

"I was trying to share an honest moment of what my thought process sometimes is. And it was taken to the extreme of a statement that is not how I feel at all," she said. "I have two beautiful children who are my priorities. We are living in a time where we have to start vocalising and talking honestly about things that are going on. I'm not leaving the country. But I can share with people that I've thought about that. You know? Yeah — and that I am worried about my children's future."


Theron spoke while promoting her motherhood-focused movie, Tully, due in US cinemas on May 4.