Dive into our guide of the best shows streaming on Lightbox, Neon and Netflix this month.


Mr. Robot -

The slick cyber-thriller returns for a third season of its Anonymous-style digital anarchy and shifting, violent, realities. It's one show that you can guarantee everyone's going to be talking about so be sure to log in.

Electric Dreams -


Adapted from the fevered short stories of acclaimed sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, this anthology series will inject a weekly dose of WTF straight into your eyeballs. Dick's dystopian, sci-fi mind-bends guarantee to leave your mind in a different state than when you started.

Channel Zero - This horror story is based on a creepypasta. If you don't speak internet, a creepypasta is a spooky, web-originated urban legend that focuses on gruesome deaths, mysterious killers and/or awful paranormal occurrences, all created to creep the bejesus out of you. If you like sleeping with the lights on then tune into Channel Zero.

Transparent - This show, about a family learning that their father is transgender, has won nearly every award going. If you need to break up all the horror, sci-fi and dystopian craziness, then this more grounded dramedy could be the change you're looking for.



- Neon is fast-tracking the spooky 13th season of Supernatural, a show that follows the demon, monster and ghost-hunting Winchester brothers. So if there's something strange in your neighbourhood, now you know who to call.

Supergirl - Remember when comic book adaptations didn't suck all the joy from your life with their grim, gritty worlds? Well, Supergirl is a throwback to that simpler, happier time. This family-friendly adventure series has won over critics and those left jaded by cinema's super obsession with darkness.

Supplied to Timeout Supergirl TVNZ NZH 27Oct15 - Melissa Benoist does a remarkable job in the lead role. NZH 16May16 -
Supplied to Timeout Supergirl TVNZ NZH 27Oct15 - Melissa Benoist does a remarkable job in the lead role. NZH 16May16 -

The Flash

- Faster than a speeding bullet, no wait, that's the other guy... Honest mistake, The Flash is also super speedy and battles evil-doers by running circles around them. Like Supergirl this is colourful, fun and full of adventure.

Top Gear - The latest season of the irreverent motor show speeds on to Neon this month, with its new crew of Matt LeBlanc, Chris Harris and Rory Reid. While the faces are new, the show retains its old favourites, such as crazy cross-continental challenges and luxurious car reviews. So if you ever wondered if the Ferrari FXX-K was the car for you, now's your chance to find out.


Stranger Things

- The first season was a cultural phenomenon. Its blend of 80s nostalgia, Spielberg magic and peak Stephen King-style horror made the show a true breakthrough hit. We were as sucked into it as the rest of you and simply need to know what happened to dear old Barb: will she escape the Upside Down or will the gang be after #JusticeForBarb?

Mindhunter - This brand new Netflix series sounds a little like Silence of the Lambs. Two FBI agents interview locked-up serial killers in order to get info to help them hunt down criminals that are on the loose. David Fincher is behind the series so you bet we'll be watching. Most likely with some fava beans and a nice Chianti...

The Meyerowitz Stories

- Yes, it stars Adam Sandler BUT it's the Funny People, Spanglish, Punch-Drunk Love Adam Sandler, not the Jack and Jill, The Ridiculous 6, That's My Boy Adam Sandler. You know, the good one. Directed by indie fave Noah Baumbach and also starring Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Ben Stiller, this was nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes so it's def worth a look.

Riverdale - Who in blazes would have thought a sexy, dark series based on the Archie comic book series would take off? But take off it has. Season two returns in October for all your dark, sexy Archie needs.