Stars have taken to social media to say their goodbye to music legend, Leonard Cohen, who died today aged 82.

New Zealand-born actor Russell Crowe was among one of the first to farewell Cohen, writing: "Dear Leonard Cohen, thanks for the quiet nights, the reflection, the perspective, the wry smiles and the truth."

Hunt For The Wilderpeople

director Taika Waititi said: "Field Commander Cohen. He was our most important spy."


Kiwi actress Robyn Malcolm also wrote on Twitter: "Hey that's no way to say Goodbye RIP LC", while The Dead Lands director, Toa Fraser added his condolences.

Actors and musicians from across the world also took to Twitter to say goodbye to the music maker.

Bette Midler wrote: "Leonard Cohen has died. Another magical voice stilled."

Kiefer Sutherland wrote: "A brilliant Canadian artist passed today. Leonard Cohen, rest in peace. Hallelujah."


actor, Josh Gad wrote: "Of course 2016 would take Leonard Cohen. Of course. 2016, please go away. You have made your awful point. RIP to yet another great."

Molly Ringwald wrote: "Leonard Cohen gone? I didn't think this week could get any worse."

Singer Alanis Morissette shared her grief with a sad face emoji: