Chrissy Teigen shocked Ellen DeGeneres when telling The Ellen DeGeneres Show host she casually opened Rihanna's mail.

The Sports Illustrated model now lives in the We Found Love hitmaker's old home and has revealed she is still trying to find a way to hand over the star's old mail.

Speaking on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she said: "I never in my life thought I would be cool enough to have a Rihanna pad.

"The one fun thing that does happen every once in a while is I get a bill of hers, and I really want to somehow give it back to her so I tried to bring it to the Grammys and John [Legend, Teigen's husband] said, 'No that doesn't look cool. Please don't, you're embarrassing me.'"


Chrissy Teigen went on to admitting that she opened Rihanna's mail that turned out to be a bill from Bugatti.

"Yeah, Rihanna, you owe $18 to Bugatti, I think," she said.

Leaving DeGeneres shocked, she asked, "You open her mail?" and then continued to inform the model that it's illegal.

"But it's my house now! Can you not?" she asked in confusion.

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old model - who has 5-year-old daughter Luna with the All Of Me hitmaker - is working hard on her post-baby body and previously admitted she's not completely comfortable with it yet.

She said: "Every shoot I have right now, I request like all one-pieces please or anything high-waisted. I'm still definitely not comfortable. I think I'm fine in clothes. But am I comfortable naked or in a bikini? Not exactly yet. I really just try to wear things that make me feel a little more confident."

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Asked for advice on how to maintain a good relationship after the arrival of a baby, she quipped: "Make sure that you have such a strong bond with your partner, too, because there are days you're gonna look over at him - or her - and be like, 'Ugh'. You gotta have that strong bond so you can bounce back from it. Make sure you're in love or at least, I don't know, pretend."

- Bang! Showbiz