Billy Connolly has taken us sightseeing around Scotland, England, Australia and, in 2004, our own backyard.

He's been quiet for a wee while but now he's repacked his bags and is heading off on an intrepid journey across the vast expanse of the United States.

But where the gregarious Glaswegian comedian famously traversed New Zealand on an outrageous, attention-grabbing, three-wheel motortrike, in this new three-part series he's opted for a more low-key approach.

In what could be considered a test of endurance, Connolly will travel from Chicago to New York by train.


It's an epic journey that will take him through 26 states, covers almost 10,000km and passes through cities, swamps, deserts and the fabled American coastline.

Along the way he'll be stopping to chat with the locals, show us the sights and play a couple o' ditties on his ever-present banjo.

The comedian's natural charm, relatable nature and genial vibe make him an excellent travel companion, making this one of the best ways to see the States without leaving home.

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Saturday, 8.30pm


TV One


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