Brie Larson celebrated her Oscars win with a good night's sleep.

The Room star took home the Best Actress gong at the annual ceremony earlier this week but admits there was no celebrating at extravagant parties as she just headed home to rest instead.

Speaking on Live! With Kelly & Michael, she said: "I did not dance all night. I didn't hang out with Lorde and Taylor Swift. I went to sleep. I didn't do that."

Meanwhile, the 26-year-old actress previously revealed she sought advice from her "fairy godmother" Eddie Redmayne, who took home the Best Actor award the previous year, before she headed on stage.


She shared: "He told me, 'You're going to be fine until they call me to come up and present and once that happens, you're going to like need some.' It's totally true. They very slyly pulled him away and I was like 'Oh no' ... It was like, 'Is this going to happen again?' When he called my name, it's a weird out-of-body experience."

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And Brie also revealed she "risked her life" to get to the glitzy awards bash as she had to take "three really sketchy flights" from Vietnam, where she is filming for her new movie Kong: Skull Island.

She said: "It was like three really sketchy flights [from Vietnam], and I was like 'I really hope I win because otherwise I've risked my life for...'"

- Bang! Showbiz