She went by Tarn, not Tammy, but Karen Price is not the first political spouse to stand by her man, as the famous Wynette lyrics go

1. Hillary Clinton (wife of Bill, former US President)

Her husband said in a 1998 presser he "did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky".

Eight months later he changed his tune in a national televised speech/apology. Hills forgave him; later called his mistress "a narcissistic loony toon".

2. Huma Abedin (wife of ex-Republican Anthony Weiner)


Her husband was busted as a serial sexter with the porn alter ego "Carlos Danger". They remain married.

3. Silda Spitzer (ex-wife of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer)

She stood by her hubby's side (with gritted teeth) in a 2008 press conference after he patronised a high-class prostitute at a Washington hotel. Split last year.

4. Miranda Horan (wife of Brendan)

Declared she "had an absolute gutsful of this madness" when, in 2012, her embattled independent MP hubby faced claims from family members about the spending of money belonging to his late mother. It ended his career with NZ First. Investigations continue. Miranda defends her man and speaks out against the in-laws.

5. Dr Mary English (wife of Bill)

Her husband rolled Jenny Shipley and led the National Party to its worst ever election loss in 2002. Bill broke down in tears after his concession speech and had to be taken to a private room to be consoled by Mary.

6. Maxine Gallagher-Field (wife of Taito)


"Our hearts go out to Taito," she said when her husband, disgraced former MP Taito Phillip Field, was jailed for six years on charges of bribery, corruption and perverting the course of justice. She reckoned other inmates treated him like a chief in jail. He was released early.

7. Margaret Pope (wife of David Lange)

The speechwriter-turned-mistress famously became the "other woman" in 1989 when Naomi Lange blamed her for the break-up of her 21-year marriage. Even the British satirical weekly Private Eye had a go. She married David Lange in 1992 and the couple had a daughter, Edith, now 18.

8. Anushka Shearer (wife of David Shearer)

In 2012, the Labour leader-at-the-time faced internal party challenges to his leadership.
Yes, not much has changed. But the party's First Lady didn't anonymously attack her hubby's rivals on social media. Seldom-seen Anushka stood to endorse his leadership at the party conference in place of party president Moira Coatesworth, who didn't.