Dunedin Newlyweds Dan & Christie were eliminated from My Kitchen Rules NZ this week. We caught up with them for a quick chat ...

What is it that you think you could have done better to stay on the show?

Christie: We cooked as well as we could and that just wasn't enough so we don't feel the need to dwell on our elimination and ask the 'what if's'.
Dan : I think preparation is the key, but the hard part is knowing what to be prepared for! I think in challenges like sudden death you need to remain calm and not get stressed out, otherwise you don't think straight and will make mistakes!

What are you most proud of during your time on the show?

C: Actually really proud of our Sudden Death menu, in the moment we worked well together and at the end of it we were really happy with what we served apart from a few adjustments to the dessert. We couldn't beat the Dessert Queens!
D: When Ben told us that our rack of lamb was cooked "beautifully," probably my proudest moment!

Any embarrassing moments we should be made aware of?

C: Nothing I can think of as 'embarrassing'.
D: Perhaps the amount of times I cut and burnt my hands and fingers while cooking. There are plenty of embarrassing moments just due to the stress of cooking under pressure, but fortunately I have been able to repress most of them!

What was the best thing you ate while on the show?


C: I wouldn't say anything was amazing from our Instant Restaurant round because we are all home cooks but the one thing I could eat over and over again would be Dan and Sam's thrice cooked chips. If their steak was cooked a little more than it would have been a great meal!
D: It would have to be our own Chicken Kiev... Haha no.

And the worst?

C: We all had a few failure dishes so it's hard to pinpoint an absolute cock up!
D: At Dan and Sam's instant restaurant, Christie's piece of steak was way thicker than the others, and it was pretty raw in the middle. I couldn't eat it, and I love rare steak!

Which judge was the toughest?

C: Definitely Gareth, he didn't give much away which was hard to react to.
D: Yea it was definitely harder to tell what Gareth was thinking, but both the judges were fair and gave good criticism.

What's the best piece of behind-the-scenes gossip you can give us?

C: The Bogan Besties were so offended by a fellow competitor's crass behaviour at one point that they couldn't stand being in the car with them anymore and got out!
D: While preparing the pork belly for our instant restaurant I removed the nipples from the skin, but under all the pressure I forgot one and it was served to one of the guests! Fortunately not one of the judges, and hopefully the person who got it didn't realise what it was.

* My Kitchen Rules airs three times a week from 7.30pm on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, TV One.

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