it's a sure bet that Taylor Swift and one particular limo company in New York City are never ever getting back together.

That's because the transportation outfit has accused the 24-year-old Shake It Off songstress of leaving them hanging with quite an expensive headache.

And they aren't fooling around: TMZ reported APG Security has filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court. They also claim the blonde had some serious diva behavior.

APG has asserted that they were hired in June to shuttle Taylor and her friends around New York City.


The original contract was for APG to take the lithe superstar and her posse around the city while she was staying at her Franklin St. penthouse.

But apparently Taylor's company, Firefly Entertainment, then axed the deal out of the blue, but only after it signed the contract.

APG also claimed that it agreed to lease two additional cars after the initial contract was signed.

And they were pricey: besides the initial fleet, two Chevy Suburbans were added to the mix for more than $2,000 a month.

APG wants unspecified damages, claiming breach of contract and also wants Taylor to be on the hook for the Suburbans' price tag.

But maybe the funniest and most revealing part of all of this has nothing to do with cars.

Maybe as a plan to embarrass her, because it's certainly not illegal to ask for things, the transportation company said Taylor made strange demands.

The most diva-ish of all may have been a set rule as to when drivers could talk to the star. Demands also included what amenities the cars must include.


Maybe to cover their tracks, Firefly sent a letter to APG after the contract was initially signed asking them to remedy some issues ASAP, according to the suit.

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Rumors of Taylor's star-ish behavior have grown in recent years, certainly as the pop and country sensation's popularity has simply exploded.

It was reported last year that she requires a strange collection of food and drink in her dressing room, including chocolate milk, macaroni and cheese, Twizzlers and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

As always, Taylor's been a busy woman.

She is releasing a fourth perfume, but this time the fragrance will be launched in Australia in November.

The 24-year-old is expected to touch down in Oz in the coming months and while Down Under she will promote her brand new album, 1989.

She is also slated to perform during the grand finale of X Factor Australia in late October.

And she showed her lighthearted side last week by perpetuating a viral meme and wearing a 'no its becky' T-shirt as she stepped out for dinner in New York City.

The fashion choice was in response to a geek'd out high school photo online, which many fans said had to be her.

- Daily Mail