A drunk clown called Kriss, a bad stand-up comedian and a paint-sniffing cowboy - Katy Perry has unveiled several new personas in the trailer for her latest music video.

The trailer for Birthday, Perry's new single, hit YouTube this week and show's Perry in various new guises competing for the title of 'World's Worst Birthday Party Entertainer'.

Among the five roles Perry plays in the video are an ageing Broadway entertainer called Goldie with an extremely low-cut top, and Princess Mandee, a cellphone addicted children's party entertainer who says "like" a lot.

The clip has been a hit on YouTube so far, with more than 300,000 views since it was posted online on Monday.


It's not the first time Perry has worn costumes for her music videos. In Roar she posed as 'Jane' from the Tarzan and Jane fable, while in Last Friday Night she played a geeky teen with large spectacles and gigantic braces.

The full video for Birthday - the latest single from Perry's album Prism - is due for release tomorrow.

Watch the trailer for Birthday:

Is that really Katy Perry? Yes. The pop star plays five different roles in the new trailer for her upcoming music video, Birthday.

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