We trawl through the gossip mags so you don't have to.

1. Shavaughn Ruakere

says it was her decision to leave

Shortland Street

. The actress tells


Woman's Weekly

that after her character's fiery death on the long-running Kiwi soap over Christmas she's heading to Los Angeles to try and hit the big time one last time. "I know I am not getting any younger, and my biological clock is starting to go, 'Hello!' I do want kids, but I also want to do this, and I need to at least try ... They asked me to sign on for another year, but I couldn't commit as I wanted to be free to head overseas. When I found out she was getting blown up, I though, 'Yup, all good'. Nothing like a big exit!" A bit like Walter White, then.

2. Speaking of Shorties, star Rachael Blampied has owned up to an off camera romance with cameraman Simon Tutty. But she admits there was something getting in the way of their relationship. "Because he stands behind a camera I didn't really see his face for the first month," she tells New Idea. Instead, she stared at his "fancy shoes". "When you're on set, you're not thinking about the cute guy behind the camera. You're too busy trying to remember your lines ... he's just ridiculously good looking." It's a sign, guys - to impress the ladies you need to invest in some expensive shiny shoes.

3. Shane Cameron's wife is a clean freak - and even mowed the lawns while heavily pregnant. Tara Cameron's daily routine includes cleaning, mopping and vacuuming the house, and Shane tells Woman's Weekly it can get awkward. "It's just the way she is ... Trust me, it can get embarrassing trying to explain it to the neighbours - the Sunday before she gave birth, she insisted on mowing the lawns, even though I tried to wrestle the lawnmower off her. I ended up spraying the weeds, even though she'd already done it, just so it looked like I was doing something, not leaving my nine-months-pregnant wife to do all the work." Guess we know who wears the pants in the Cameron household.

4. Feisty All Black Aaron Cruden has married his "soulmate" Grace King at Palmerston North venue Wakefields Lodge. And yep, Woman's Day has all the details you need - including the menu. It involved a three course meal of "smoked venison and salmon, scampi tails, Wakanui Blue grass-fed ribeye and snapper fillets". Unfortunately, lettuce got a big burn at the venue. "ALCOHOL: Because no great story started with a salad" said a sign at the bar. Ouch. Take that, micro-greens.

5. Out of all the celebs gossip columnist David Hartnell has met, there's one still on his bucket list. "I would love to meet the Queen," Hartnell tells Woman's Weekly. Nobody knows how to work celebrity better than her." Perhaps Hartnell could use his dogs - Australian terrier Miss Cele and pekingese Miss Liza - as an in. Or he could show off his bling - in WW's photo spread, Hartnell's rocking more gold than a gangster rapper.

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