Earlier this year, I was ready to give up television. I was ready to turn it off and walk away, fed up with the constant stream of mindless idiots paraded in front of me.

Mindless female idiots, obsessed with their hair and shoes, seemingly incapable of thinking about anyone but themselves. If there's one thing worse than an idiot, it's a selfish idiot.

The cinema was no better. Between Confessions of a Shopaholic, He's Just Not That Into You and The Women, I actually wanted to renounce my sex.

If this is what it is to be a woman today, I don't think I want to be one, thanks.

I was genuinely depressed about the state of the world. Who was writing this crap and who had they been hanging out with? And what on Earth had those women done to them to make them hate us all so much?

I was blues about the whole situation and it was making me angry. Where were the normal women to break this tidal wave of morons?

And then they came - in the form of Cody, Britta and Amy. The Go Girls.

These three fictional Shore girls lifted my spirits and made me happy again. Sure, they were a bit silly and talked a lot of nonsense but so do I. You can't hold that against them.

More importantly, they were compassionate and loyal and possessed enough redeeming qualities to make up for all the other idiots plaguing my television.

A certain, now infamous review from the Capital panned the show, claiming the characters didn't ring true.

I question how much time that reviewer has spent with 25-year-olds lately?

Because, as one, I assure you the characters are spot on. The balance of ambition and confusion, determination and doubt, can be found in any and all of my mates. And yes, we probably do drink too much and talk too much and turn everything into a melodrama. But we also look out for each other, support each other and genuinely want our friends to succeed.

The same review also took a shot at the girls' onscreen performance, claiming it was "bad overacting".

Again, I question if that reviewer's looked around lately?

At least Go Girls features Kiwi actors speaking in New Zealand accents. As opposed to Underbelly, Legend of the Seeker or even Flight of the Conchords.

Kiwis are all over the telly at the moment but none of them sound a thing like us. There are Aussies playing New Zealanders with atrociously garbled "fush-und-chup" accents, or Kiwis playing Americans with equally bad Californian lilts (or in Craig Parker's case, a bizarre imperial British drawl that sounds nothing like anyone else on the programme).

And then there was Lucy Lawless' guest appearance on Conchords this week, which saw the New Zealand actress play a New Zealander - but somehow ended up sounding Australian.

Personally, I'd argue Go Girls is ahead of the curve when it comes to acting. Especially when you consider Bronwyn Turei and Alix Bushnell were total newbies when they joined the cast. Not so much as a Shortland Street credit between them.

So I was genuinely delighted the series was confirmed for another season last week. It has not only restored my faith in television and womankind, but it made me laugh out loud in the process.

I believe somebody - Ms Jane Bowron of the Dominion Post - owes the girls an apology.