About 80 Whanganui cyclists and supporters were treated to a breakfast of pancakes on their way to work and school.

Wednesday was National Go By Bike Day and bicycle enthusiasts celebrated with a pancake breakfast at Cornfoot Reserve.

Brother and sister Daniel and Hannah Smith, with their friend Max Hughes, stopped for breakfast on their way to school.

"We came for breakfast last year and we wanted to come again", said Hannah.


"I go to Whanganui Intermediate, Daniel is in his first year at City College and Max is in year 9 at High School."

Jill Burdett arrived on her recently purchased electric bike which she says she absolutely loves.

"It is so nice to ride and I use it as a regular bike most of the time but I can power it up if I need to and it works equally well both ways.

"It has three different electric speed settings and I tend to use the eco one which just gives that bit of assistance for facing hills and head winds."

Reider Langhout of Green Bikes Whanganui was offering maintenance advice to cyclists and said it was good to see fewer problems than last year.

"Last year I had to ask five people to bring their bikes into the workshop and this year, I've been able to sort them all out here except one."

Mr Langhout had his tools and supplies in the trailer he tows behind his own bicycle and said he had dealt with a few "regular problems".

"Oil needed on chains, tyres too light and brake adjustments are common problems that are easily fixed.

"Non-organic oils are best for bike chains.

"Some people use cooking oils which don't work well and sprays like CRC clean but they don't lubricate.

"3-in-one oil works okay or even used engine oil is good."

Mr Langhout said people can adjust brakes themselves but if they are unsure they can drop in to Green Bikes at the Whanganui Resource Recovery Centre in Maria Place on Fridays from 10am to 4pm to have them checked out.

Horizons roadsafe co-ordinator Glenda Leitao and Whanganui District Council active transport co-ordinator Norman Gruebsch were on hand to listen to concerns and suggestions.