Richard Malcolm dodged pepper spray, climbed a fence and went running through an industrial yard when told he was under arrest on April 13.

Malcolm had a pipe used for smoking methamphetamine in his pocket and was on the run after being stopped at a routine police checkpoint.

He hid in long grass, but that did little to conceal his whereabouts as a police dog sniffed him out and the dog's handler arrested him.

Judge Philip Crayton said that Malcolm, who appeared in Whanganui District Court for sentencing, accelerated away after originally stopping at the checkpoint.


"Police activated their lights and siren, he reached 75 km/h in a residential area," Judge Crayton said.

"He then dropped his speed down to 20 and then accelerated back up to 75 along Heads Rd. Once he had stopped he left the vehicle and ran off.

"He was chased. At the time his ex-partner and 2-month-old child were in the vehicle. His child was unrestrained it seems, in the arms of his ex-partner."

Following his arrest, police discovered the pipe inside a baby's boot in the breast pocket of Malcolm's jacket.

Malcolm was charged with escaping police custody, failing to stop for police, unlicensed driver failing to comply with prohibition, possessing/using utensils for methamphetamine and failure to answer district court ordered bail.

He also faced charges of male assaults female and threatening to injure, stemming from an incident on September 1, 2018.

On that occasion, a victim was walking to her address when Malcolm yelled at her abusively. She ignored him and went to another address to get away.

"He said 'don't go up there' and then threatened her. He then ran up to the victim and kicked her from behind as she stood on the doorstep," Judge Crayton said.


"It struck her to the back of the thigh causing her leg to buckle inwards and then he abused her in an offensive and derogatory manner."

The incident was witnessed by members of the public who then contacted the police.

Malcolm had a history of family violence, mostly confined to 2010 and 2013 as well as driving offences, dishonesty offences and breaches of court orders.

Judge Crayton sentenced Malcolm to four months' home detention with 12 months' post detention conditions.

He also ordered the destruction of the glass pipe.

"You've got a chance, this is your second chance, don't blow it," the Judge said.