A prominent Wellington poet convicted of rape for a second time will be sentenced in November.

Lewis Edward Scott, 69, was found guilty last month of raping a woman after inviting her to his home for what she thought was a business meeting.

The Wellington District Court jury found him guilty of rape, indecent assault, and unlawful sexual connection in a majority verdict, Fairfax reported.

That case related to an incident in 2007.


But what the jury did not know was that Scott already has a conviction for raping a woman at his African artefacts shop Kwanzaa in 2012.

Judge Tony Adeane ordered reports to determine whether Scott was a candidate for the open-ended jail term of preventive detention.

The Crown said Scott and the woman had performed at a fringe festival in 2007 and he later contacted her to discuss performing together, Fairfax reported.

When she went to his home in March 2007 for the meeting she realised he was making a meal.

The Crown said she felt uncomfortable as she had only come for a meeting, not a date.

When she went to leave she ended up on the floor with Scott on top of her and he touched and raped her.

The defence argued it was a romantic evening and Scott had believed there was something between them.

Scott, an American, is a jazz poet who came to New Zealand in 1976.

He appeared in court today for a sentencing date to be set. A psychology report is still due.

The judge adjourned Scott to November 10 for sentencing.