The New Zealand woman jailed in Bali on drugs charges has told her friends and family to stay away, 3 News reported.

Leeza Ormsby said she had asked her family to stay away as she didn't want to draw more attention to her case.

Ms Ormsby, who has been living in Sydney, was arrested after police allegedly found methamphetamine, ecstasy and marijuana during a raid on a luxury villa in the Denpasar suburb of Dalung.

She told a 3 News reporter who visited her in jail that she feared publicity about her case would work against her.


Ms Ormsby was reluctant to talk about the charges against her, and said she had told family and friends to stay away.

She had been given food and water by her lawyer, but said anything of value was quickly taken off her in her jail cell, 3 News reported.

Bali police are expected to hold a press conference in the coming days, when Ms Ormsby is expected to be paraded before media, along with the evidence against her.

Meanwhile, a Sydney musician who stayed at the same Bali villa as Ms Ormsby says she is innocent, an Australian news outlet reports.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, musician Azaria Byrne and his partner had been booked for three nights at the luxury villa in the Denpasar suburb of Dalung.

Because they only planned to stay for two nights, Mr Byrne let one of his friends use it for their final night of accommodation.

He and his partner handed over the keys before they left for the Ngurah Rai Airport that evening, he told the Telegraph.

The next day, Bali police raided the villa and allegedly found methamphetamine, ecstasy and marijuana. At the time, the villa was registered under Mr Byrne's name, the Telegraph reported.

Ormsby has been charged in relation to the drug raid. She is originally from Rotorua and is understood to have been living in Sydney.

"I think she's innocent,'' Mr Byrne told the Telegraph.

"This came as an absolute surprise and shock to me. I'm never going to Bali again.''

Mr Byrne said he had only met Ormsby at a dinner on his final night in Bali.

"As far I know, no one I spent time with on the trip had drugs or would be involved in something like this,'' he told the Telegraph.

Azaria Byrne is a member of Sydney band the Art. According to the Telegraph, he paid three million rupiah ($310) for a three-night deal in the luxury villa.


Balinese drug laws:

* Under Indonesian law, all of the substances allegedly found on Ormsby are classed as the equivalent of New Zealand's Class A drugs and carry the stiffest penalty.

* Anyone convicted of possession faces four to 12 years' imprisonment and fines of up to $820,000.

* For more than 1kg of "raw'' drugs such as marijuana or more than 5g of ``processed drugs'' including methamphetamine, a maximum sentence of life imprisonment can be imposed.

* Traffickers face between five and 15 years' jail and fines of more than $1 million. The death penalty may also be imposed.