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Jaime Robert McDowell Gilbert was running for his life from the bar he worked in when he became trapped under rubble. His workmates frantically dug through debris to save him but he did not survive.

Jaime, 22, worked as a barman at The Iconic Bar on Manchester St, which collapsed in the earthquake.

On the bar's Facebook page he was described as a "dear friend".

"Rest in peace Jaime Gilbert, a much loved brother, father of two, son, friend and Iconic barman," a colleague wrote.


"Our heart breaks that we can no longer share your vibrant personality and on a personal note, I will miss you dearly and forever. Gone too soon."

Another colleague, Sam Siave, tried to save Mr Gilbert. A picture of Mr Siave's car, parked just outside The Iconic Bar and buried under rubble, appeared on page three of the Herald the day after the earthquake.

Mr Siave said on Facebook: "Two minutes later and I would have been seated in [the car]."

At Jaime's funeral, Peter Cooney shared memories of his younger brother who never had a bad word to say about others: "Well, he probably did, but I never heard it. It's not what you remember about him."