The flame of a scented candle flickered in the breeze created by passing cars at the site where a 10-year-old boy was killed crossing a busy Whangārei road.

Tributes to the young boy, killed on Wednesday, were left on the side of Kamo Rd and included three teddy bears, a balloon and flowers. The candlelight early in the morning, was still burning well into the afternoon.

Police were not releasing the boy's name yet.

The Whau Valley School pupil was struck by a truck as he crossed the road after it is believed he had been to Patel's Foodmarket about 8.10am on Wednesday.


A note to the family left on a bunch of flowers said: "We've been praying and thinking of you all night. I'm so sorry you've had to go through this."

Another hand written note said "Fly high Pepi, with our Tupuna."

Contractors working on the shared pathway project, only 10 metres from the fatal site, took time out before they started working on Thursday to help school children cross the road during rush hour traffic.

Mel, who does not want her surname used, said the workers had stopped traffic to allow the students to cross the road safely. She said they had instructed those going to St Francis Xavier School to stay on one side and those students at Whau Valley School to walk on the other, so they did not have to cross the road further along.

"We don't want to see another fatality, especially when it's a kid," she said.

Fulton Hogan confirmed on Wednesday one of its company's trucks was involved and was en route through Kamo Rd on its way to a construction site several kilometres away.

Police appealed to people who witnessed the crash but may have not have spoken to police to come forward.

Acting Sergeant Conan Brown said there were a number of people who had come forward. He renewed that appeal and said police wanted to ensure witnesses were given the appropriate support if they should need it.


Anyone with information contact Acting Sergeant Conan Brown at Whangārei Police on 09 430 4500.